Destiny - Level 31

I was disappointed with the Dark Below expansion because it introduced new armour with a higher light rating thus making all of my equipped armour useless.

I spent some strange coins purchasing upgrades for my exotic chest armour & auto rifle. The purple legendary items had no upgrade path so I had to earn vanguard marks & purchase armour from the traders. Typically after spending 120 marks to purchase a new helmet the game decided to reward me with a purple helmet engram in my next vanguard strike.

I'm still waiting for Xur to have IceBreaker & need to purchase another heavy machine gun with the new higher stats.

Truthfully I exoected more content, I would have been happy with a whole new planet to explore but what we got is a chase through three story missions, a strike & ending with the raid I assume to kill Crota.

The Vault of Glass raid is very enjoyable & I'm looking forward to playing the new raid once the UGVM guys have levelled up.

I now have a love/hate relationship with the game I love the gameplay but hate some of the design choices Bungie have decided. I understand MMOs evolve over time & it is still a fairly new genre to me. I just wished all my efforts to date on upgrading my equipment was not wiped away with the release of an expansion. I fully expect when the next expansion arrives Bungie will do the same but like the addict I am I'll still come back to enjoy the gameplay.

However I can see me devoting the majority of my gaming time now to other titles.


New Logo - gospvg

New Logo designed by Monster Mohsin http://m.youtube.com/channel/UC802xl3vUGZ2VUThv-LJH3w

Using Gimp he designed his youtube channel art logo & I was very impressed that I asked him to make me a blog logo.

Well done kid, good job.


Completed - Ghost Recon Future Soldier

The last mission took us quite a few attempts because the enemies kept on running away & we had to hunt them down either within a time limit or could not let them run away.

For the few quid it cost us in a 360 sale it's been a decent co-op game in the gameplay element, even if the story is your typical American Oorah bullshit.

I enjoyed the co-op play in tagging enemies & going for timed sniper kills.

We swiftly move on to Borderlands Pre Sequel which I expect may well be our last Xbox 360 PMG game.

Destiny - The Dark Below

The Dark Below is the latest expansion to Destiny, adding a few story missions, couple of strikes & a new raid.

I completed the story missions yesterday with Hakk & managed to get a new upgraded rocket launcher "The Cure" which does 331 damage when fully upgraded. You also get a fusion rifle that can switch between arc or solar damage when completing the story missions. Handy for taking out shields but I still prefer to have my sniper rifle equipped.

The story missions use various locations on earth & moon that I have already played enough with slight variations & the odd extra room added on, they are still quite challenging especially on hard difficulty.

Armour can now be purchased from the traders with a +33 light rating this will help me reach level 30 & above. I had enough vanguard marks to purchase some new gloves, just now need to fully upgrade them to get the max light rating.

Just when I thought I had broken free, Destiny has me hooked again.


Forza Horizon 2 - Nissan GTR

I was hoping I would have more time to enjoy Forza Horizon 2 this weekend but I only managed to complete a handful of events. Enough though to purchase the Nissan GTR and apply some upgrades.

The game did on a couple of occasions freeze the 360 console whilst loading up the menu or rewarding me with credits. Thankfully it did not lose any progress or corrupt my game save.

Simple things I take for granted on the PS4 like share a screenshot or upload a video to youtube I really miss on the Xbox 360.

Did not get a chance to play much else except the Destiny raid effort yesterday evening. I did watch the PS Experience Keynote on Saturday which was very impressive with lots of new games to look forward to in 2015.

Destiny Gorgon Maze & Jumping Section

The previous raid I was stuck on the jumping section for at least an hour I think, so it was a relief yesterday when I managed to complete it with my first attempt !!

We got all the way to the last boss fight but it was so glitchy giving us the loot but no checkpoint for Atheon.


Destiny - Sword of Crota


With the latest update you have new events that happen on Earth & the Moon in which you can get a Sword to use for a minute. Just wish it would last longer with every kill so you could enjoy it more.


Monument Valley - Forgotten Shores & Ida's Dream - Completed

It was good to return to Monument Valley with my 7 year old daughter to enjoy the Forgotten Shores & Ida's Dream expansion packs, some lovely levels & a couple of difficult puzzles to solve.

A very beautiful game & an enjoyable experience. We especially enjoyed the The Oubliette level on Forgotten Shores.

If you own an iOS device Monument Valley is a must buy game along with Carcassonne & Lost Cities.

New Game - Forza Horizon 2

Thank to a £10 refund from Amazon & a Black Friday deal, I managed to purchase the game for £12 on the Xbox 360. Yes I know the game is better on the XB1 console but I'm not spending £300 on another console so the 360 version is fine for me to enjoy.

I only managed to get as far as installing the game to the 360 Hard Drive before I had to hand over the controller to the kids to enjoy whilst I done some household chores, so not had a chance to fire it up yet but the kids have been enjoying it.

Destiny - Vault of Glass Completed

Five hours of enjoyment, hell, frustration, anger, tears & every other emotion you can imagine. Finally I have completed the Vault of Glass.

Completed - Wolfenstein The New Order

The game does eventually give you a sniper rifle, although you can only use it in very few levels. It's mainly assault rifle, shotgun or the LaserKraftWerk gun which the game has you use quite a bit, I hate it because it requires constant recharging.

I like that each level of the game offers you something different to enjoy (very much like Battlefield Bad Company 2) from different transports, using various machines to new locations.

The story continues at quite a rapid pace with quite a few boss fights along the way ultimately leading you the final showdown with Deathshead.

It's been good to break free from Destiny to enjoy some of my other games. Next on the list to finish off Knack with my daughter.


PS4 - Happy 1st Birthday

With my limited game time I'm happy with my first year of the PS4. It may have not gotten used much by me in the first nine months (kids used it more to play Fifa mainly) because I was playing catch-up on the Mass Effect Trilogy & Deus Ex on the 360.

But I did enjoy AC Black Flag & I love Destiny. I'm not in a rush for new releases in 2015 because I've got enough to enjoy for the next six to nine months with MGS V, Infamous, Watch_Dogs, Wolfenstein & the many PS+ games whilst I also tackle my 360/PS3 backlog.

Only disappointment is the quality of the controllers (poor rubber on sticks & poor battery life). My 2nd controller has gone back to Sony for a faulty left control stick & I wish there was an option to turn off the light on the controller, I imagine that would increase battery life.

I was very close to buying a XB1 last month with the DriveClub vs Forza Horizon 2 challenge but I've managed to ignore that temptation & purchased FH2 for the 360 console. I don't have that much free time for more than one console. I hardly ever use the WiiU unless the kids want to play Mario Kart so I will not be buying an XB1 (Famous last words).

There are only a few games I will be buying day one for the PS4 in 2015 No Man's Sky, Batman Arkham Knight (I'm glad it got delayed, I'm tired of rushed to market games like DriveClub & AC Unity. Just wished more developers/publishers would take the Nintendo/Rockstar approach to releasing it when it's ready.) & Fallout 4 (I'm still hoping).


New Game - Wolfenstein New Order

Having broken free from Destiny I fired up Wolfenstein New Order. It starts off with a very long prologue at the end of which you have to make a choice. This choice determines the path your story will take & what skills unlock.

There are quite a few collectibles in the game, if you manage to find the area map early on it makes collecting these easy but on a few chapters I did not find the area map thus I have left quite a few of these collectibles behind. Thanks to the RAGE - gotta collect them all incident I have ignored these to focus on just enjoying the game.

Especially with my stealth style of play, the knife & silenced pistol are my favourite weapons. I have enjoyed completing missions without alerting a single enemy. I've yet to find a sniper rifle which would have made a couple of the levels easier. Occasionally I have failed in my stealth approach, I then resort to dual-wielding assault rifles or using the shotgun up close.

The story gives you an alternate-history with the Nazi's winning WW2, you meet up with a small resistance group & plan an attack on a research facility in London. This is where I am at the moment in the main campaign.

Destiny - I'm Free

After 180 hours I'm free I don't know how but I loaded up Destiny to play this evening with my Warlock character & I just did not feel like it. Instead I started Wolfenstein New Order & played that for a few hours.

I'll be back I'm sure at some point but for now I'm just glad I've broken free. It's been a great experience the past two months, this is easily my game of the year.

I think part of the reason is I was not enjoying playing the warlock character, I just could not get on with the supers on both classes. The thought of grinding for vanguard marks & legendary armour for a character that I would not use was just too much.

I'll stick with just playing my Titan to do weekly nightfall/heroic strikes & hopefully raid attempts.
Won't bother with any daily missions (all my main three weapons are now fully upgraded) or bounties.


Destiny - Grind

With Destiny there is the Elephant in the room about the grind in the game. It annoys some gamers who once they reach level 20 give up on the game. After level 20 you need to start focusing on equipping legendary or exotic armour to take up you light level.

Luckily for my warlock I had an exotic chest & legendary helmet in the vault (loot from my Titan character), once equipped these took me up to level 24. The grind for me then began to level up my vanguard rank so I could purchase armour from the trader. I always focus on completing vanguard bounties & when on patrol missions always keep a look out for VIP missions (these have a star in the icon). These reward you with more rep points than other patrol missions.

Once I increased my vanguard rank to level 2 I then switched to the Vanguard Strike mode to take part in Tiger Strikes to get vanguard marks. Once I had 70 odd marks I purchased gauntlets that reloaded auto rifles faster & cool down on grenades.

With the Warlock on 26 I now need to purchase some legendary boots to increase my light level. I'm still a bit undecided about which class I like voidwalker or sunsinger. I also need to decide on what exotic armour I want to use because the chest plate I have has some upgrades I won't use like fusion rifle ammo increase.

Weapons I've decided to stick with auto rifles I just don't get on with any other primary weapon. Xur once again did not have IceBreaker so I'll save strange coins for next week.

The grind does not become an issue when playing with friends online & I've had quite a few sessions completing daily missions & weekly heroic/nightfall strike during the week.

Target for next week is to continue upgrading Warlock & hopefully take part in a raid with my Titan character.