2048 - New High Score

New high score of 7056, still trying to break the 10K mark.


Dead Mans Draw - Shiver me Timbers !!

Dead Mans Draw is a card game in which you collect cards to generate a high enough score to beat your opponent.

There are several different card types which each have their own unique skill. From steal to discard & even combo moves where two cards combine to double your collected cards.

After a few stages you unlock the ability to use a trait which gives you a rechargeable power move you can use during the game. I have unlocked the ability to destroy a suit of card on the opponents deck & the ability to see the next three drawn cards.

It does not have a multiplayer mode which is a shame so you have a series of matches to play leading up to a tournament. Like all board games there is an element of luck involved but when you pull off a seven card draw whilst reducing your opponents score & double up with a combo to receive 14 cards it is very satisfying.


Deus Ex Human Revolution - Completed

I have not played the earlier Deus Ex games but if they were anything like Human Revolution then I pray for a HD remake so I can play them. Everything from the soundtrack, combat, stealth, hacking to the character voices was spot on.

I eventually unlocked all the abilities earning enough experience points & purchasing piraxis kits.

So many choices throughout the game that effect the outcome of the plot & none more so than your final decision.

If I had more time I would definitely play the game again to try and earn one of the more difficult achievements & see the alternative endings.

This game is so enjoyable that it has to be added to the Top list taking the number to 34.


New Game - Trials Frontier

Yes it is a freemium title & is stock full of in-app purchases but so far I've managed to play without any paywalls. I've unlocked the second bike 'Tango' & I'm currently upgrading so I can take on Butch.

It has the same one not go appeal of the XBLA games just a shame the leaderboards are UPlay registered. Gamecentre leaderboards would have been better.

You use fuel for each track you race & this replenishes over time. Parts are needed to upgrade bikes which you get from a roulette wheel when completing a track.

A world map unlocks new tracks when you complete various missions.

I've got quite a few silver times but not a single gold yet. I think these will come with more bike upgrades.

Now to go find my UPlay username & password ...


Completed - Football Chairman

After winning the Euro Shield & finishing 1st in 76/77 season. The 77/78 season saw Oxford United complete the Quadruple winning all three domestic cups & taking the Champions League.

There is now nothing else left to achieve so I'll walk off into retirement.


Football Chairman - Champions League

2072/73 has been the best season so far for Oxford United. After ten seasons of playing in the Champions League we have won it.

Beating Real Madrid 2-0 at Rome.
This comes after winning the FA Cup a few weeks earlier & finishing top of the league with 101 points !!

The new stadium is also now getting average attendances of 100K for the season.

With all this success comes the annoyance of your manager getting approached.

If you reject the approach you lose 20% in the manager being happy. So after a few approaches if you continue to reject the manager ends up quitting the job.

This makes it very difficult to build up a Bob Paisley style legacy with the best managers always getting poached.


Football Chairman - Super Stadium

After finishing first in the league again, three points short of a hundred & 11 points clear of Man City. I decided it was time to splash some cash.

With 465 million in the bank. During the season 68/69 I was always maxing out my home attendance on 40K. Instead of increasing the capacity to 60K, it was SUPER STADIUM time !!

Which you can either in-app purchase or spend 250 Million in game money to purchase.
With the maximum 120K capacity, I've not yet managed to fill the stadium. The highest attendance being 65K against Barcelona in a recent European match.


Football Chairman - Premier League

Premier League CHAMPIONS !!!

Tough season with Chelsea & Man City challenging all the way but I pipped Chelsea by one point to take the title.


Pocket Mine - New High Score

After finishing with Danger Boat it was time to return to Pocket Mine.

New high score depth of 651M which also takes me to the top of the friends leaderboard beating Something Witty.


Completed - Danger Boat

After 12 hours of Danger & 540K metres it's time to call it a day with Danger Boat.

The game is a leaderboard challenge & I leave at the top of all three. From the make of Disc Drivin (why have they not made a sequel yet?!) Danger Boat had me trying to complete the daily challenges & missions for the past few months.

Time to now return to the mines & start digging.


Deus Ex Human Revolution - Faridah Malik

Died, load latest save...
Dead again load latest save...
Giant robot .... oh fu....c..$£!!...Dead

I've spent quite a bit of time with Deus EX HR since my last post, thoroughly enjoying Hengsha & discovering it's secrets. Taking a quick stop at Montreal before arriving back at riot stricken Detroit.

Along the way I have upgraded quite a bit of my abilities now including stealth, typhoon & punch-through-wall skill.

After Detroit the story takes you back to Hengsha. Upon your arrival the helicopter is shot & forced to land. Faridah then comes under attack from soldiers & asks you to run for the exit.

Did I? I take you back to the beginning of my post.... Died, load last save.


Completed - Army of Two Devil's Cartel

It's a shame that most co-op games on the 360 are shooters, after many years of playing these the genre has now become tiring. We still went ahead & completed this game but I would be lying if I said it was an enjoyable experience.

Just ticking off the various missions until the cartel was destroyed leading to a final showdown with Salem.

Game Over. Done. Finish. Complete & with it possibly the last 360 co-op game.


Football Chairman - Euro Shield

Euro Shield (UEFA league) was tough I managed to finished 2nd in the league to get through to the next round but lost that game 2-1.

I did manage to max out the 40K stadium for the game this generating lots of money.

I have spent so much time iOS gaming recently with Football Chairman, Disco Zoo, Pocket Mine, Carcassonne, Lost Cities etc

The iPad mini/iphone are just so easier to pick up and play for those minutes I have free. A season of football chairman takes approx 20 to 30 mins.

I'm regularly finishing in the top 10 now just need the find some high 95+ rated players to challenge for the title.

Football Chairman - FA Cup

I've had me best season in the premier league finishing 7th & beating Spurs 2-1 in the FA Cup Final.

This also qualifies me for the Euro League next season. I've upgraded the stadium capacity now to 40K. I tend to set high ticket prices but will go for the average to see if I can max out the attendance. 


Football Chairman - Money, Money, Money !!

With all the costs during a season like player wages, training facilities & the youth team. It is very difficult to ensure you end the season with a profit with the tax man taking his cut.

Finishing high up in the league, guarantees you end of season cash from the league, around £16 to £18 million. But when your weekly costs are around 650K even that is not enough to meet a season costs.

Match revenue is your main source of income. My stadium capacity is currently 35K which I can only really max out if I get a home quarter final cup tie. League matches, the attendance is effected by your current form & I average out around 18K. I've had to set the ticket prices high so I can generate the max revenue from the matches even though this annoys the fans.

Occasionally you might get an offer for one of your players which is difficult to refuse. I sold a 98 rated keeper for 64 Million which also helped me save £72K off the wage bill.

It's a very tough balancing act to ensure you generate enough money each season to keep the best players, attract the sponsors & invest in the infrastructure.